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14 Amazing Ways To Use Tiger Balm You Didn’t Know About

By Karly Carpena
September 6, 2016

Many people think that Tiger Balm is a thing of the past. Grandpa used to use it, but now pills have taken the place of ointments, right? But Tiger Balm has been around for more than 100 years.


The original recipe was developed in 1870 by the Chinese botanist Aw Chu Kin and distributed in Singapore. No tigers were harmed in creating the ointment – it’s actually comprised of menthol, camphor, cajeput oil, and several other essential oils as well as Vaseline.


The name Tiger Balm traces back to the eldest son of the creator, Aw Boon Haw, which translates to ‘tiger’ in English. Here are 14 ways to use this versatile balm:

1 Mosquito bites: Did you get one of those itchy bites? No worries. Put a little Tiger Balm on it and your desire to scratch will disappear.

mosquito sucking blood from human hand

2 Insect repellent: Since Tiger Balm has such an intense, noticeable smell, it not only attracts the attention of humans, but also bugs. Insects don’t like the smell at all and will stay away if they get a whiff. Try keeping an open jar nearby.


Tiger Balm has been around for 100 years and for good reasonings! Check out more uses you never knew about by flipping over to the next page…