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37-Year-Old Man Is Ready To Marry His 12-Year-Old Bride, Until She SHOCKS Everyone…

By Karly Carpena
February 14, 2016

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Many girls dream of their wedding day, but not 12-year-old Thea. Thea was set to marry a 37-year-old man named Geir. Hundreds of people gather, but only to protest child marriage. As for Thea, when the priest asks her if she wants to marry, she emphatically shakes her head “no”.

This video is a dramatization, but tens of thousands of underage girls are forced into marriage every day in real life. Those girls don’t have the support or resources to refuse the marriage like Thea does.

This powerful PSA was filmed by Plan Norway for UN’s International Day of the Girl Child. It’s meant to highlight the issue of child brides and what happens to many young girls in poor countries around the world. Plan Norway made the video to spread awareness of the issue and to help its programs that promote children’s right to health care, education and protection from violence and abuse in 51 developing countries.