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12 Hacks For Moms With Creative Kids

By Karly Carpena
December 14, 2015

Children are the greatest gift but they can also be exhausting, particularly when they leave a trail of chaos and destruction behind them while playing. These tips could really be a lifesaver for all the tired parents.

1. Pour dye into empty pump-bottles (e.g. used hand-soap bottles). Now it’s possible to distribute the dyes without taking too much, thereby preventing an abstract piece of art from occurring on the carpet.


2. Spread ballbearings in a cake tin and then place a second cake tin in the first. Because of the ballbearings the cake tins can turn very easily. When filled with craft tools, your kids will always be able to reach watch they’re looking for and not scream every 2 minutes for the pen at the other end of the table.


3. You can forget blocked and dried out glue lids if you unscrew them and leave them in vegetable oil for a short time.


4. Muffin trays filled with beads and glitter are perfect organisers. Your children have everything in sight and nothing will end up spread across the table.


5. Children continually forget to put the lid back on the pens. Then the next time they are dry and unusable. So that you can still use them, stand them in water. The water gets soaked up through the felt-tip and you can use the pen as a type of watercolour. So you can paint with the pen or dunk a paintbrush in the colourful water.


6. Surely you know how annoying it can be to cut sticky tape with scissors. To prevent the strips from sticking to the blades, wipe the scissors with a baby-wipe. This leaves a thin film of oil behind, protecting the blades.


7. The walls always get turned into a canvas? No problem because you can always clean them with methylated spirits. Though you should definitely test this beforehand in an inconspicuous place!


8. Blunt scissors can be sharpened by cutting aluminium foil.


9. A glitter explosion can be fixed with a sticky-roller. Simply roll the roller until all of the glitter has gone.


10. So that your child can really let make a mess, cover the table with a layer of cling film. After painting you’ll only have to remove the film. This saves time and saves your fingers from having to scrub off the hard-dried paint.


11. Every child loves making colourful puddles. To ensure that your children stay clean, place a sheet of paper in a ziplock freezer bag. Squeeze the paint in and close the bag, then stick it to table with sticky tape. The small ones will love pushing the paint around and creating a wild piece of art!


12. Your child just wanted a drop of glue but has managed to empty the bottle again? Then dampen a kitchen sponge, place it in a container and pour the glue on top. Now your child has a stamp cushion except with glue. To store, simply put the lid on the container and put it away. If the sponge becomes too dry, add a little water and fill with glue again.