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Before Buying That $12 Dress On Facebook, You Need To See THIS First…

By Ace Nichols
April 8, 2016

Women on Facebook see sponsored ads like these every single day pop up on their Facebook newsfeed, but what you see is rarely what seems to be show up on your doorstep once you purchase it.


Free shipping, sexy ladies and a beautifully designed ad are total clickbait for women looking to jump into a that hot, new swimsuit or summer dress that they didn’t even know they wanted before logging into Facebook.


But, a lot of consumers are becoming enraged upon receiving what they purchased. These clothes, typically sent straight from China, look nothing as they are advertised online. They’re reported to take forever to show up and are a nightmare to send back. Take this dress sent from DressLily for example. It looks more like a shower curtain smock to me than a dress.

..and this one

Tons of women have been posting complaints on Facebook, along with other review sites and the Better Business Bureau trying to warn others about these companies.

I mean.. look at this! This is ridiculous!

All of these sites, such as DressLily, RoseGal, Fashion Mia are driving consumers to make their own Facebook pages to try and stop the scamming by these companies.

So, consider yourself warned .. If you think you’re buying one thing, you could very well end up with another that is NOT the same.


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