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11 Tire DIYs That Will Leave You Speechless!

By Ace Nichols
April 28, 2016

#1. An Outdoor Tablediytire1

But, before you throw your old tires out again, check out these awesome tire DIYs to transform your useless tires into cool additions to your home!

#2. Backyard Tire Teacups – Perfect for the kiddos!diytire2

People throw out old tires all the time, because once you don’t need them anymore most people consider them to be junk.

#3. A Climbing Coursediytire3

#4. Tire Chairs And Matching Table – Because, why not?!diytire4

#5.  Tire Ottoman – Yes, there’s a tire in there!diytire5

#6. Bicycle Tire Mirrordiytire6

#7. Tire Sandboxdiytire7

#8. Mini-Seesawsdiytire8

#9. Flower Holderdiytire9

#10. Tire Dog Beddiytire10

#11. More Tire Chairs (with tire backrests!) diytire11

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