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10-Year-Old Girl Killed By A Car, But What She Did Moments Before? She’s A True HERO!

By Ace Nichols
February 29, 2016

If there’s anything you’ll learn from this story, it’s that heroes come in all ages, shapes and sizes. This 10-year-old girl has now been given the hero title after sacrificing her own safety to save two toddlers from being struck by a vehicle headed straight for them.

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This is Kiera – she is no longer with us, but she is being recognized and honored all over the world for the selfless sacrifice she made to save others instead of saving herself. She was playing in the yard, but when she saw an SUV coming down the road headed directly for the two toddlers, what she did will leave you in tears. She is truly a hero.

Hear the full story in the video below and SHARE with your friends and family on Facebook. Be sure to also check out Kiera’s family’s GoFundMe page to help support the family.