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10 Summer Cocktail Recipes To Keep You Fully Refreshed!

By Ace Nichols
May 31, 2016

Summer is here! It’s time for drinks, friends, family and good times. What brings those times together? Amazing summer cocktails! It’s hot out there, so stay cool and refreshed with these 10 recipes of the most amazing summer drinks!

1. Melon Ball Cocktail

This delicious cocktail made of white wine, hopping water and spiked melon balls is sure to keep you refreshed sitting out by the pool. Get the full recipe here.

2. Coconut Margarita

With some Patron tequila, cointreau and coconut cream, you can whip these up for your friends in no time! Get the full recipe here.

3. White Peach Sangria

Make a pitcher of this fabulous sangria using sweet Riesling, sparkling peach juice, and fresh fruit for your upcoming summer cookout or family get together. Get the full recipe here.

4. Cucumber Cooler Cocktails

Cucumbers and summer are a match made in heaven. Made with gin, cucumber, lime and mint, these cucumber cooler cocktails are perfectly refreshing on a hot day. Get the full recipe here.

5. Watermelon St-Germain Slush

Watermelon is a staple of summer and instead of eating a slice, you can enjoy your watermelon by the glass with this recipe. If you want to stay cool, this frozen treat made with watermelon, mint, lime, gin and St. Germain will do the trick. Get the full recipe here.

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