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10 Disgusting Fast Food Secrets

By Monica Abelle
October 5, 2016

I think we can all agree that yes, fast food is incredibly convenient especially in today’s busy world. However there are some items that you really REALLY should avoid if you do decide to eat at one of the following establishments. Read on to find out.


1 Taco Bell beans

The beans at Taco Bell are pretty appalling. They start out looking like dehydrated cat food. The directions for making them, according to a former Taco Bell employee, are to mix them until you can’t see white anymore.


2 McCafe Menu Items

Any of the McCafe products run through a machine that is almost never cleaned. Management doesn’t train the staff to care for the machine and, as a result, they do not clean the machines often. When they are cleaned, they are not cleaned thoroughly.


3 Wendy’s Chili

Wendy’s chili is made from the leftover, expired meat from the grill. Workers collect the meat until there is enough for a batch of chili. If the chili doesn’t sell fast enough, they just keep adding water and mixing it up.


4 BBQ Sandwiches at KFC

Chicken too old and stale to donate to homeless shelters makes up the chicken in KFC’s BBQ sandwiches. The nasty chicken rehydrates in BBQ sauce and can end up sitting in a warmer for up to a month before it sells.


5 Donuts from Dunkin’ Donuts

While you may think that Dunkin’ Donuts would be the place to go for a fresh donut or muffin, sadly that’s not the case.


6 Anything at Panera except the Sandwiches and Salads

Smoothies, pasta, and baked goods at Panera are all disappointing. Panera’s smoothies start with a sickeningly sludgy base. Cooks microwave the pasta and the baked goods that arrive at the restaurant frozen. Panera uses its fresh ingredients in its salads and sandwiches only.


7 Chipotle Quesarito

There is nothing inherently disgusting about the Quesarito, but order one at your own risk during the chain’s busiest times. Nothing will incite the wrath of the Chipotle employees quicker than a customer who orders this time-consuming meal during the lunch or dinner rush.


8 Crazy Bread at Little Caesar’s

The Crazy Bread at Little Caesar’s may be tasty, but the spread it is dressed with is synthetic butter at best. A former employee of this chain says the spread comes in giant vats that don’t even need to be refrigerated.


9 Pizza Hut Salads

You’d think eating a salad at a fast food restaurant like Pizza Hut would be okay. However, you’d do best to steer clear of the salad bar. Pizza Hut injects its lettuce for the salad bar with food coloring to keep it looking unnaturally green.


10 Subway Turkey Hoagies

The meat on Subway turkey subs is questionable at best. A Subway employee has said the turkey lunchmeat contains only 60 percent turkey, and the rest is all fillers and preservatives so that you can “eat fresh” even though the meat has been sitting out for hours.